Monday, August 1, 2016

My DIY Tranquility Bath Is a Healing Escape to Promote Relaxation!

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Lavender is soothing, but this herb has a variety of  wonderful uses.

When life seems to get the better of me, I always have a found comfort in a soothing herbal bath helps bring on inner peace.  I had thought that I shared this particular recipe, but apparently did not when I was trying to find it among my old posts.  Therefore, let me reveal it to you now since its aromatherapy benefits of lavender, rose, chamomile, mints, and the eucalyptus is very restorative for the way it purifies the mind while easing the muscles.

By the time you emerge from that soak in twenty minutes or so, I promise that you’ll feel renewed.  Do try my recipe because it does help when nothing else seems to do the trick for relaxation.

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My Tranquility Bath Recipe

½ cup of dry lavender flowers
½ cup of rose petals
½ cup of mint leaves
3 tablespoons of dry camomile tea or 3 camomile tea bags
3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
3 drops of peppermint essential oil
a square of cheesecloth (about 11" x 11") to wrap 
1 tie or rubber band to secure your bag

All you do is add all the ingredients in the middle of the cheesecloth before locking in place with your tie or rubber.  

Put your secured filled bag in your tub and start running hot water over it to help release its herbs as you prepare the bath.

Stop filling the tub with hot water after it’s a third full before reducing the water temperature to just warm. Before you jump in, test the water first to be on the safe side so it’s not too hot.

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