A Cheap Shine Booster for Dyed Hair

If you dye your hair and want to get truly glossy hair, you probably have a tube of the conditioner that came with your package of hair color.  According to the instructions, you are meant to use most of that tube after your initial coloring.  The rest you save for a weekly rinse out treatment until the tube runs out. 

However, I found that if you put a dab on your freshly washed hair (about 1/4 teaspoon) and leave this conditioner in, your hair will really shine.  I do this every time I wash my hair and have received compliments from strangers that come up and ask me what I’m using.  I’m not saying this conditioner will do the same thing for you.  The texture and condition of your hair probably have a lot to do with the way this will work.

My hair is dyed close to my own medium brown color, a normal texture with no radical processing like others that switch from dark to light.  For example, my mother has thick, coarse hair and does not see any benefit from this like I do.  

Still, what do you have to lose if you dye your hair?  You probably have a tube of this conditioner around so why not put it to the test for yourself.  I call it “magic cream.”  Maybe, my new hair miracle will be yours too!


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