My Solution for Frozen Car Door Locks–Fragrance!

frozen car Pixabay image

Winter weather can bring more than tricky road conditions.  Frigid weather can also play havoc with the locks on your car door.  So what do you do if suddenly your car door lock freezes and you must be somewhere?

You could always pick up a can of de-icer and treat the lock the night before the temperatures drop drastically to freezing.  However, if you’re like me and forgot about picking any up, you could also try heating your car key and then inserting into your lock.  Sometimes, this trick will be enough to get in.

Then again, you could spray that frozen lock with something you probably carry in your handbag anyway.  Grab your perfume, cologne, toilette water and spray your lock.  For some reason, the chemicals in fragrance can melt through the ice barrier.  Using this little tip can get you on the  road before you finish scraping away that snow or ice from your windshield!


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