How to Boost Your Mood and Energy With Aromatherapy Scents

Lemon aromatherapy scent
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Scents and simple aromatherapy can often do more to energize, improve moods or mental accuracy than you may realize. Therefore, the next time you need some extra help in those areas, then you might want to try some aromatherapy tricks to perk up with specific mood enhancing scents.

For those times when you need revitalized, try a scent such as cinnamon. Keep some of this spice in a small cloth bag in the top drawer of your desk.  So every time you open that drawer, you’ll get a stimulating whiff and more concentration.

Inhaling peppermint oil is known to improve mental accuracy in tasks such as typing and filing alphabetically faster.  Sucking on mint candy can also help boost brain function according to experts in one study.

Smelling coffee alone can get your brain revved up.  Try keeping a small dish with some beans on your desk and sniff when you feel yourself winding down.

Another of these aromatherapy tricks for wellness through scents is turning to the beneficial power of stimulating citrus.  The scent of lemon is great for lifting your mood, aiding mental concentration as well as stamina.  Something as insignificant as switching to a lemon-scented cleaner or air freshener could possibly do the trick.  Another helpful thing to try is a squeeze of a fresh lemon into a glass of water.

The scent of floral jasmine can energize the brain also.  If you drink some aromatic jasmine tea, you find yourself feeling more alert by the time you finish!

A common herb such as rosemary is also advantageous and one to revive the senses with scents.  The reason it can come in handy is how its aroma can help keep the brain alert.

When stressed, lavender essential oil is a scent that can do wonders to bring on relaxation.  If you can’t sleep, you might want to try my DIY sleep promoting aromatherapy body rub, which I turn to when I need extra help or my DIY Aromatherapy Bath Salts.

What I presented here is just a sprinkling of what is possible through the help of essential oils from plants for healing.


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