Rose Water for a Dewy Complexion

Rose Water for a Dewy Complexion
Makeup lasts longer and the skin gains velvet like softness from lightly hydrating it with rose water.


All women have their own special beauty secrets.  When I want to look my best and have my  makeup last all day I discovered how incredible rose water is to set all my work in place.  After the foundation, blush, and translucent powder, I found that misting with rose water can make a big difference.  Using this product,  I also noticed what a dewy freshness my face suddenly had while those cosmetics I wore looked more apart of me and natural.

You can just mist rose water over your makeup and pat lightly with your fingers like I do.  Another way is to dab a clean tissue very gently over your face and lightly blot away the excess so you avoid any streaking.  Whatever way you choose, I can’t believe how nice this product, which is made by many different companies, works.

Even on a rare day you can go without makeup, you can let your skin breathe and still benefit from misting your clean face with rose water.  You’ll notice the lightweight silky feel of the moisture, almost like the feel of  rose petals themselves, against your skin.  Your skin will look more radiant and healthier, too!

This is just my honest, sincere opinion on a wonderful, but often neglected beauty product that I’m nuts about–and so should you!



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