What’s Better Washers or Ceramic Discs for a Faucet?

What's Better Washers or Ceramic Discs for a Faucet?
What is your faucet preference?


Why is it that a faucet tends to always leak soon after replacing a new part these days?  For us, the battle is with washers.  Plumbers blame the high water pressure that causes washers to go.  But I had a pressure regulator installed to handled the pressure problem.  Guess what?  Our faucet still leaks frequently.

Replacing old style washers and seats over time  for a faucet will cost more because you’re replacing them every few months.  The problem might be people cranking the handles too hard to stop every last drip.  This tears up the rubber washer and damages the metal seat, which cost about $3.50 to replace yourself–more if a professional does it.  But I was told faucets made with ceramic disc cartridges will be cheaper in the long run to use.

We have Central Brass faucets.   They do not have a lifetime but a one-year warranty on their faucets with ceramic disc cartridges.  However, Kohler, American Standard, Price Pfister and many others have lifetime warranties, which sound like they expect they won’t fail.

Tell me what which do you prefer washers or ceramic discs for a faucet?


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