By Nieves Natural Handmade Skin Care Products Review


By Nieves Natural Handmade Skin Care Products line
By Nieves Natural Handmade Skin Care helps keep skin at its healthy best.


Do you want amazing results when you look in the mirror?  Then, I want to tell you about my experience with a few natural handmade skin care products I recently tested from a San Francisco company called By Nieves.

What makes By Nieves different are the simple, but effective all natural handmade skin care formulations created by Nieves herself, a genius, if you ask me, with 17 years of work in natural products, including herbal healing and aromatherapy.

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Why am I suddenly a big fan?  The answer is because I saw how improved my complexion became almost immediately.  Within two days using the nutrient rich oils, organic ingredients, and essentials oils in her handmade products, I honestly noticed my pores appeared smaller, my skin felt softer than ever while my usual shallow complexion took on a healthier glow, better than any cosmetic sweep of blush.

These seemingly miracle skin product that I’m talking about first is Face Fix, a powdered herb and clay formula to use as a mask or to whisk away dead skin.  I sprinkled some in the palm of my hand and rubbed gently into my damp face until rinsing off.  My skin looked and felt renewed.

I followed up with the bottle of “C” Perfect Skin, which is a blend of precious oils and vitamin C in serum form.  You can’t believe how happy my skin appeared as it feasted on this special formula that took Nieves two years to make until it was just right.  I mean everything I’m saying about the magic that comes out of this bottle, which reduces the appearance of aging, sun damage, dark spots and scarring while protecting against sun damage.  I can’t say it does all those things in just two days of testing only it does rescue your skin and instantly bring it to new life.

By Nieves also makes three other products I didn’t try, but I would seriously love to test. The Balm, a safe all purpose cream to remedy dryness.  Bath Salt is another in her line to rejuvenate and relax in a detoxifying tub of essential oils, sea salt, Epsom salt, and seaweed. Finally, there is Cloud of Protection, a mysterious formula with essential oils to fight airborne bacteria and viruses while claiming to clear negative energy around you.

I’m not exaggerating either about how quickly By Nieves products show results.  Just try some yourself and then reach for your own mirror.  Trust me, you’ll love what you see!



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  1. julis55
    February 19, 2011 / 3:45 pm

    I would love to try the C Perfect Skin

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