How to Prolong the Beauty of Valentine’s Day Roses

prolonging beauty of red roses


Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts of boxes of chocolates to indulge the sweet tooth and red roses that express love.  If you want to prolong the beauty of those Valentine’s Day roses and extend their lives, I have some helpful tips to keep them lasting longer.

Prolonging the Life Valentine’s Day Roses Is Simple 


Those beautiful, long-stemmed roses your special guy just gave you for Valentine’s Day will last a lot longer if you make sure to clip the ends at a slant before putting in water.

Remember to add an aspirin into that water as well to make those roses last longer.

Change your water often.  Also, you should keep those stems clipped.

Another helpful way to preserve fresh flowers is to mix one quart of clean warm water, one tablespoon of bleach and one-fourth cup of lemon-lime soda.

However, if those long-stems have finally grown too short, you might try using a straw to insert the short stem into for maximum enjoyment to prolong the beauty of your Valentine’s Day roses!


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