Flea Market Finds: Need a Great Gadget?

You can find many useful things for a fraction of the price.


In an earlier post, I told you about how much fun and money you can save visiting your local flea market, swap meet  or garage sale and promised to share my flea market finds with you from time to time.   Today I thought I would show you the wonderful little gadget I picked up this past summer at a flea market.

Those into baking will probably recognize this plastic gizmo as a bread slicer. For me, a treasure does not necessarily have to be a valuable piece of jewelry or some exotic antique.  Though those things are beautiful, indeed,  I search for items I need or want to try first before spending too much in a store for something I may hate.  These are what I consider flea market finds.

What I really love about this simple piece of plastic is how uniform your homemade bread slices can be when you insert a loaf and use your electric knife to cut.   You can control how thick or thin to get those slices, which is hard to do when slicing by hand.

Slicing thin is especially helpful for watching how much of that delicious homemade bread you eat.  After all, homemade bread is so much tastier than that commercial bagged stuff that tastes like sponge.  I guess you can call me spoiled in that respect.

Another marvelous thing about using a bread slicer comes to making big, thick slices for homemade French Toast.

For $1.00, I think I found a real bargain.  If you ever see one, I highly recommend grabbing it for yourself because it’s a fantastic kitchen helper and one of my favorite flea market finds.



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