One Night Cosmetics Review

You can lots of color options  in each palette.

Beauty can sometimes be a chore if you need to lug everything with you from those tubes, jars to compacts that take so much space and weight in your bag.  I hate rummaging through my beauty  stuff and grabbing one jar and tube after the next just trying to stay fresh through the day.  The task is even more complicated when traveling or for a night on the town when you carry the tiniest clutch.  However, I found the perfect solution for taking the hassle out of your beauty routine with One Night Cosmetics.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

One Night Cosmetics will make you rethink what you carry with you in their amazing line of coordinated cosmetics.  I had the opportunity to review the entire line of their credit card size compacts and was amazed to have everything I needed to look my  best anywhere and any place in such a well-designed weightless collection of gorgeous colors and products.

Each compact comes with two shades of concealer, which provided excellent coverage for concealing even the darkest under eye circles–and two shades of this essential for what  you use most is even better.   You also get beautiful shimmering, not glittery eyeshadow, a cake eyeliner, a white shine control powder, (perfect for any foundation you might wear despite the color), a bronzer, lipstick, and  lip gloss.  In addition, each compact comes with  mini mascara, brow tint, and set of brushes besides two bags!

The shades in each compact are stunning and work perfectly together.  I loved how vibrant, but neutral the colors were so if I  travel and pack outfits needing specific shades, I would never clash.

My complexion is fair, the lightest beige of any line.  When founder, Rachel Watson, told me any of the compacts would work, I was skeptical.  Then I reviewed all five and was shocked at how I could wear them all without a problem except for the concealers in the tan for under the eyes.  I could use those but for covering up a red spot or pimple in that shade with my coloring.  What I’m saying is you don’t have to worry too much about making the wrong selection.  One of my favorites was the medium compact with the shimmering grayish-mauve eye shadow, which is crease-proof!

One Night Cosmetics are quality products as well as safe ones made in America, not China, so you rest assured about the ingredients, which was Rachel Watson’s main concern before bringing them to market.  Her dream was to help customers look more beautiful without sacrificing their health or wallets with these handy, all-in-one compacts.

I just wish full size individual products could also be purchased for when you run out of your favorite.  The mascara, however, I love the mini size and the non-clumping formula.  You can reorder a new one for just $3.95 without worrying about spending too much on something that needs thrown out in a short time anyway to protect your eyes.  The same goes for the brow tints.  Speaking of the brow tints, I used the lighter brown tint on my dark brown brows and looked fine with neater brows.

The lipstick and lip gloss won’t fade into your lips after a short time like many others currently produced and are so comfortable to wear.  These were superior in feel, wear and had a nice color.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed in One Night Cosmetics!  I know I love everything about them from perfect color combinations, the convenience, to the peace of mind I get when I applying their safer New York made (not Chinese!) products to my face.  Can you say you feel the same way about the beauty products you carry in your bag?

One Night Cosmetics brushes
Look at the brushes and tools that also come inside.

**This company is no longer in business.**


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