Other Uses for Cornstarch: Cleaning, Beauty and More Tips


You don’t have to look very far but in your own kitchen to find some excellent products to help solve many household and beauty problems.  Cornstarch is one item you may think differently of after you read this post.  For this reason, here are some other uses for cornstarch that may surprise you as well as come in handy.

Other Uses of Cornstarch for Cleaning and Odd Tasks

For starters, cornstarch makes a wonderful non-abrasive cleaner for tackling grease off of a wall.  Add some on a damp cloth and rub the spot to remove the mark until gone.

If you have floor boards that squeak, you sprinkle some cornstarch between them to stop that annoying sound.

You reach for your rubber gloves and hate the hassle you get from trying to pull them off because they stick.  Instead, you should sprinkle inside those gloves with cornstarch to correct that problem.

One of my favorite other uses for cornstarch is for untangling knots in delicate chains on jewelry.  Rub some cornstarch on the knot and magically that stuck chain will come free!  This trick also works on knotted shoelaces and string.

Health and Beauty Also Benefit With Cornstarch DIY Fixes

Do you have feet that sweat a lot?  You can save on buying medicated foot powder if you just grab that box of cornstarch.  Shake some cornstarch into your socks each day to absorb excess moisture.  This helpful tip will keep those feet smelling fresher and prevent blisters! For those with more serious of a problem and stinky feet, you need to read my other post with a fix that can help.

Cornstarch is also a safe and natural dusting powder for your baby.  Using cornstarch will prevent that diaper rash problem without harming delicate baby skin from those unnecessary chemicals of commercial brands!

So be sure to keep more than one box of cornstarch on hand for multiple uses!  These cornstarch DIY fixes can get you out of a lot of sticky situations cheaply–that’s why I’m nuts about it!

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