Ambre Blends Natural Fragrance Review

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Ambre Blend Natural Fragrance products

Invigorate your senses through the power of aromatherapy and the allure of Ambre oil, the main natural essential oil behind the three haunting Ambre Blends perfumes.  This line is unisex and works by reacting to body chemistry to create scent as unique as you are, as it warms against your skin to bloom into something special. 

Using 100% natural ingredients each blend is hard to quite describe but the scent is clean, stimulating, and memorable once you experience it.  The feeling Ambre Blends evokes conjures up seduction whether you’re wearing SolaceAmbre or my favorite Ivoke.

Invoke essence glides over your skin and scents it with sandalwood, pure jasmine, neroli and touch of rose for a soft, but definitely sexy perfume.

Solace had the same light, but stirring feel due to the Ambre oil, but had more vanilla and more of a comforting quality.

Ambre the original fragrance behind this line is flirty, but fun and slightly more provocative when I applied it. 

I was sent a Pure Oil Essence Roll-On, Spritzer, and Body Cream for this review.  I liked how each beautiful scent evolved over time and blossomed on my skin.  They also had lasting power!

Learn more about the addictive power of Ambre Blends and their products.


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