Do You Know How to Interpret Your Food Cravings?

ice cream and food cravings
Understanding the reason for your food cravings may keep you healthier.


We all have food cravings at one time or another whether you have to have sweets or something salty.  However, did you ever wonder why you had to have those certain foods?

Sometimes, your emotions can be responsible for food cravings.  We need particular comfort foods to help take our minds off a bad day.

Other times, our bodies are responsible for a chemical imbalance that drives us toward foods we crave as it attempts to correct the problem.

If you find yourself desperate for sweets, you could have too high or too low blood glucose levels.  The best way to handle the feeling is eating smaller, more frequent meals.  By doing so, you will keep your blood sugar steady and those food cravings more under control.

On the other end, if you crave salty foods, this could signal a deficiency in minerals, such as sodium, potassium or not enough fluids.  Your best solution is to drink more water, eat more potassium rich foods or take a potassium supplement and add some iodine to your diet, such as iodized salt instead of plain salt or an  iodine supplement may  help.

Craving carbohydrates could mean low levels of the feel-good hormone, serotonin, or low blood sugar.  If you want to stop those type of food cravings, you need high fiber and chromium rich foods to balance your glucose levels.  The easiest way to take care of the problem of this type is with a B-Complex supplement.

Trying to eat the proper foods and the amount necessary is often easier said than done.  However, taking vitamins is a good precaution to help supplement what your body or diet misses.

I’m not a doctor.  Check with your doctor what’s your best plan to help correct the condition.


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