Want to Know What to Plant to Keep Deer Away From Your Garden?

Meet one of my neighbors that loves to raid my garden.

Everyone you talk to has a problem it seems with deer invading their gardens.  One day, I counted twenty of the critters marching through my yard.  I don’t mind sharing what I plant, but I hate the way they eat the entire plant or worse partially so no one else can. 

Friends of ours have a small farm.  Their solution to deal with the deer problem was installing an electric fence around their garden.  However, there is a less drastic method of warding off those uninvited deer.  

Try growing your plants near your garden that the deer don’t care to munch on.  Holly, ferns, boxwood, ornamental grasses, foxglove, salvia, Russian sage, daffodils, poppies, lavender, peonies, barberry and even herbs like thyme and oregano can help with that problem.  Marigolds also help if you box your garden heavily with them.

If you’re not sure of what grows in your area, you can always do some research for your particular growing zone in the library or online.  Another option is to contact your county cooperative extension office (the Department of Agriculture) and find out exactly what plants works best where you live.


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