Need Some Cheap Beauty Fixes for Puffy Eyes?

Need Some Cheap Beauty Fixes for Puffy Eyes?
A little prevention with these cheap beauty fixes to stop puffy eyes always helps to know.


One of the most common complaints we all have is with our eyes.  Sometimes, we can wake up with puffy eyes.  Other times, we tend to have those dark under eye rings like a human raccoon.  Crying or fatigue could be behind this new look.  Unfortunately, many of us have allergies and these extra bits of beauty are constantly on our face, only to add more joy and, of course, challenge to our lives.

If you find yourself suddenly needing to experiment with a remedy for those puffy eyes, I do have a few things that you might want to try.  For puffiness, you can try placing chilled wet tea bags on your closed eyes for about ten minutes.  Be sure to keep your head elevated on a pillow while using this to help with the blood flow.  The released caffeine in any typical tea from the black to the green works the same way to help those eyes deflate.

Another helpful tip for puffy eyes is to grate some raw potato (about half of a small to a medium size depends on how good of a grater you are without getting your fingertips bloody) and apply to a clean dampened piece of gauze.  Wrap this potato gauze into a strip.  Place this strip on your closed  eyes and chill out on your bed for about five minutes while the potato does its work. Again, you should keep your head slightly elevated for the most effectiveness.

Anything from your freezer wrapped in a clean cloth that is flat enough for you to apply to your puffy eyes, can often take down some of the puffiness.  Cracked ice works nicely wrapped in cloth.

Believe it or not, Preparation H is recommended by some plastic surgeons to use under your eyes to bring down swelling.

Something else that is useful is dabbing some castor oil to the skin under those puffy eyes.

Sometimes, you could to resort to sleeping on two pillows to lessen the puffiness.  However, you might wake with a stiff neck.  I only suggest this for those desperate individuals born with a long, graceful neck.  Those with a short one like myself do better with other methods.

You also might want to consider the type of pillow you’re using.  Feather pillows may be comfortable, but they can be the culprits behind dark allergic shiners and the puffiness.  Sometimes, you could switch and find that was the best beautifier of all for your eyes!


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  1. Fiona
    April 27, 2011 / 8:43 pm

    Another helpful tip is to win a giveaway of Garden Botanica eye cream -lol. It just arrived yesterday – thanks!I'd never heard the grated potato tip before.

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