Repair As Well As Beautify With Clear Nail Polish

Clear Nail Polish
Clear nail polish or even clear top coat can be a great fix for many household or jewelry related problems.


When you think of nail polish, you naturally assume a bounty of glorious color to adorn your fingernails.  However, clear nail polish can also be used for common little repairs around your house.

For one, I found dabbing some clear nail polish on a small hole in a screen can work wonders.  To be truly effective from keeping things out, the hole can’t be bigger than one-third inch in diameter, for a coat of polish to hold.  I’ve used this on a screen door and a window screen with excellent results.

Another interesting help is using some clear nail polish to tighten loose screws on a pot handle.  Remove the screw and brush some of the polish on the screw threads.   Once painted with some clear polish, insert the screw and allow it to thoroughly dry before attempting to use again.

This technique also works the same way on loose screws in your cabinets.

If you have wooden hangers that get a rough spot either buff with some fine sandpaper or coat on some clear polish, whichever one you have in your house.  Plastic hangers with a jagged edge or spot can also be saved by applying some clear polish to the problem area as well.

Do you have a piece of costume jewelry constantly turning black?  A clear coat of nail polish could have helped prevent that from happening.

Tiny holes on hosiery can be slowed down also by a dab of clear nail polish.

These are just several ideas that sprang to mind.  I’m sure there are countless other ways to use clear nail polish around your home.  Regardless, I think to have a bottle just for that unexpected repair is worthwhile.


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