Easy Ways to Boost Spirits for a Happier Mood

Easy Ways to Boost Spirits for a Happier Mood Happy Jumpers
Sometimes, you need to work on what makes you happy before it becomes reality.


First off, but you need to stop criticizing your faults and failures for all your problems if you want to boost spirits for a happier mood.  Give yourself credit  for your accomplishments instead.  All that matters is realizing you did something that you’re proud of even as small as hemming a pair of jeans can impact the way you can feel about yourself.  Remembering accomplishments can help lift your bleak mood and increase happiness.

Do yourself a favor and jot down everything in a journal that makes you happy.  Does chocolate make you smile?  How about the vacation you had and wished would go on forever? Maybe it’s that particular dress that got you all the compliments that you may want to include.  Write about whatever comes to your mind that conjures up happy thoughts.  Better yet, you can include photos and relive those special times in your happiness journal.  Taking your book out whenever you need a smile and flipping through those pages can help accomplish miracles and a happier mood once you remember those cherished thoughts.

Aromatherapy can also change your mood and help put you on the road to happiness.  If you’re stressed, you could try lighting a citrus-scented candle and slowly breathe in, then out.  Concentrate on the scent instead of what is triggering the stress, and this could ease tension and usher in a happier mood.

You might also want to try a few drops of orange essence oil to some fragrance-free hand lotion can lessen anxiety as well.

Do something nice for yourself.  Bake something delicious, go shopping even if you just browse, get a different hairstyle,  whatever it takes to get you thinking exciting thoughts of happy anticipation again.

Making someone else happy in need of a boost will help both you and the person in ways you can’t measure.  Genuine kindness that you share with another that comes without thinking from your heart has amazing healing power to spread warmth and happiness.  Trust me, any unselfish act of kindness you give another always is returned in an unexpected, larger way!


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