I’m Nuts About These Cheap and Time Saving Cleaning Tricks!

Cleaning is hardly fun so when I discover ways to speed up my chores,  I jump for joy when an unexpected trick will work to free up more of my day.   What I’m going to share with you will also have you doing the happy dance so listen up because these simple tricks do work.

The first tip will improve the way you dust.  I found that you’ll collect a lot more dust if you save those used fabric softener sheets to later dust with.  Dust clings to those old fabric softener sheets better than you can expect. 

Cola drinks are excellent cleaning solutions for battling stains inside of your toilet bowl.  Pour some cola and get your brush and watch those stains disappear.  The acidity in cola drinks is responsible for stain removal. 

If you need to get rid of a strong odor that lingered in your microwave, I have something interesting you should try.  First wipe the inside with one cup of warm water and one tablespoon of baking soda.  Wipe again with another soft cloth dampened with warm water and this should be enough to fix that annoying problem. 

Another thing to try to remove odors from the microwave is to measure out one-half cup of lemon juice and one cup of water in  your glass microwave bowl and heat on high for about four to five minutes.  Keep this mixture inside the microwave for at least ten minutes so it can absorb the odor, which it will do nicely.

These are just a few cheap tricks to help you tackle that endless cleaning and have more free time to blog with me!  


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