How to Keep Kids Occupied During Road Trips

How to Keep Kids Occupied During Road Trips
It can do your kids good to unplug from their computers and electronics. You can keep kids occupied during road trips in a variety of ways to challenge their intellect while strengthening family bonds.


Making a long trip in the car with children can be a challenge.  However, you can keep the kids occupied during road trips if you grab a bag and pack a drawing tablet, crayons, an Etch-a-Sketch, and Play Dough and one old sheet cake pan for each child to use as a makeshift desk.  These few extra things will work well to stimulate their imagination through those endless hours traveling on the road. Encourage them to draw or build something that caught their attention along your journey to spark their creativity is one idea.

Another simple suggestion to keep kids occupied during road trips is playing verbal games.  Try to play a game with your small children with “what if” questions to develop a continuing story.  For example, “what if” you were famous what would you want to do?  The next child has to jump in, “I would be a dancer.  Another in the car would ask, “What if the dancer broke her leg and couldn’t dance, what would she do?  The plot line of the story can change in any direction.

How to Keep Kids Occupied During Road Trips
Even the most restless children can benefit from a long road trip while learning at the same time.

Map out the trip with your children can be fun for them as another way to keep kids occupied during road trips.  Show them the distance and keep estimates along the route can help improve their mathematics as well.

Guidebooks are wonderful to read together with your children.  Plan ahead of what you will pass on the road or once you arrive to your destination of what you want to see.

Pack some food for your trip to keep handy.  Fruits, cooked chicken, sandwiches, cookies, drinks are important if you need to make time.  Sometimes, you need to travel far and finding places to stop to eat or even rest stops can be hard to find.

Take care and have a wonderful road trip.  Please drive safely!


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