Victoria’s Secret VS Attractions, Incredible & Bombshell Perfumes Review


Victoria's Secret VS Attractions line
VS Attractions 

Nothing spells seduction better than what Victoria’s Secret dreamed up in their new VS Attractions line of products, which I was sent to review.  Each bold scent has pheromone-like allure based upon the company’s EverTempt fragrance combination.

The exciting four products in Victoria’s Secret VS Attractions are Sweet Craving, a forbidden warm vanilla and praline scent, perfect for him to crave; Wild One with midnight raspberry and sexy lily to definitely rid you of any inhibitions; Glam Goddess has sensual musk and naked freesia to command attention; and Love Bitten is teasing while naughty with forbidden apple and sultry woods to help lure him in.

The Victoria’s Secret VS Attractions line is now available in the fragrance mist, nourishing body lotion, indulgent body cream, and the daily body wash.  What is so delicious about these products are how each fragrance develops upon contact with your body once applied and then layered.  Even intermingling these scents as I did results in another unforgettable new fragrance since they build upon each other.

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Choosing a single Victoria’s Secret VS Attractions fragrance will be hard.  Start with Glam Goddess and Wild One or try them all.  Trust me, but you won’t be disappointed in these special fragrances for lasting power either or the luxurious perfumed veil of moisture from the lotion to the body cream.

I also was sent their new Incredible Eau De Parfum, which is a dream come true for any lover of floral-fruity fragrances.  This scent has white peach, pear, water lily with middle notes of magnolia, honeysuckle, iris, mingling with vanilla, sultry sandalwood, musk and coconut milk.

Victoria's Secret Incredible perfume

Just one spritz of this fragrance lives up to its advertising because YOU feel incredible:  ultra feminine, sexier, bolder, happier, more confident as you soar with new womanly power!

Leave it to Victoria’s Secret once again to turn up the heat further with the last fragrance I was sent.  Bombshell Eau De Parfum is another fragrance masterpiece.  This outstanding fragrance is a contender for Fragrance of the Year on the FiFi website.  I call this one liquid seduction in a bottle–a flirty fruity-floral with an unexpected twist!  Bombshell is so amazingly different it can turn any woman into a goddess of desire, a bombshell!  Purple passion fruit, Moscato d’Asti grapes, Shangri-la-yellow peonies and vanilla orchid made sultry with the warmth of pine.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume
Bombshell perfume



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