FACE atelier Cosmetics Ultra Camouflague Duet Dual Concealer Review 


 Ultra Camouflague Duet Dual Concealer
This concealer hides difficult problems.


Favored by stars like Madonna and on the set of True Blood, FACE atelier Cosmetics is a sophisticated line to beautify any woman regardless of age.  I never tried any of the FACE atelier products until I was sent their Ultra Camouflague Duet Dual Concealer to review in Light.

At first glance, I was worried about the darkness for this product being their lightest shade.  However, this is only an illusion because once I put my finger to it and applied the color when rubbed, this appeared lighter than expected.

The Ultra Camouflague Duet Dual Concealer spread easily enough without stretching delicate under eye skin with a fabulous silicone base.   It even went on smoother when I used it over my eye cream.  This concealer was  thick enough to cover the dark allergy circles that needed hiding without caking up, which is important to me when selecting this type of product.  Both shades in the compact were perfect to work with and complimented each other.

In fact, I dabbed into each and blended for even better coverage of the darkness.

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This concealer was also wonderful for hiding one unwelcome blemish that showed up on my face this morning.  Often concealers for under eyes are the wrong consistency to handle the job, but I found FACE atelier’s product worked in keeping that ugly bump my secret.

FACE atelier does not claim to be entirely natural, mineral, or an organic makeup line without any  preservatives.  Yet, the company does strive for simpler cosmetics and does not use fragrances or flavors or SPF in their products.  They only add what chemicals are necessary  to maintain a shelf life without sacrificing the quality of their products.  They are cruelty free and not tested on animals and recognized by PETA as a  Caring Consumer website.

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