Fight Cellulite Naturally and Show Off Those Legs

Fight Cellulite Naturally and Show Off Those Legs
These tips can help with that frustrating cellulite problem.


Ask any woman about cellulite and she will probably tell you she has it too.  Most of us have that problem with those ugly dimpled thighs.  However, there are a few things women can do to get rid of those fatty deposits and wastes trapped beneath the skin to give that orange peel effect.

The number one recommendation to help with a cellulite problem is to drink as much water as you can with a few drops of lemon juice throughout the day.  Your goal is about three liters of water.  If you spread this water out through the day, you will be surprised at how much easier it is to fit.

For easier measuring of that water, you can clean out a liter bottle and fill with water.  Reload when it’s empty to make that amount a more simple task to remember.  The purpose of drinking so much water is to force those fat deposits out of your system.

The number two recommendation is to get greasy fried foods out of your diet, which interfere with blood circulation and lymph drainage, responsible for that lumpy skin.

The number three recommendation is eating more green vegetables and limiting your calories to about 1200 a day.  Foods like celery, broccoli and asparagus help lessen water retention.

Last of the recommendations to help with cellulite is to get physical at least thirty minutes with aerobic exercise and resistance training.  This amount of time is enough to burn fat.


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