How to Improve Your People Skills to Change Your Life

How to Improve Your People Skills to Change Your Life Laughing
Laughing together is contagious.

You can learn an important lesson just by watching little children relate to each other to improve your people skills.  At a young age of three or four, they see the world differently than adults.  Through their unbiased eyes, young children eagerly embrace each other and play without hesitation in those earliest years of life.   Unfortunately, the trend changes due to life experiences as children grow into adults to alter how we react later on.

Instead of letting your life disappointments trap you into a rut, you need to box them away and rethink how you deal with others if you intend to improve your people skills.  Try to remember the ease that a child has in walking up to another of their peers and putting himself or herself out there.  There is no fear of rejection in taking an initial first step in a friendship until years of living.  Simply, do yourself a favor and take the lead from a fearless child and offer a “hi” or a compliment first, but always with a smile.

Exchanging pleasantries with people you come in contact with may seem unimportant; however, you are sadly mistaken.  Such a small amount of kindness often is returned.  For instance, you may find more doors opening or schedules for your hair cut to nails, etc. adjusted more easily if you only take a little time to be more considerate.

People always are more receptive to smiles.  If you find it hard to smile, then you need to practice if you intend to improve your life and people skills.  Your lips are not going to break if you curve them so look at yourself in the mirror and start.  You can always work your way up to dogs, cats, birds even your pet snake before moving up the line to children and then eventually adults.  Keep in mind people always copy those smiles back and each smile that returns to you will build your confidence and better people skills.  Countless studies have proven that fact of how people instinctively smile back so making a habit of it is highly recommended.

When you need to communicate with others, you should take advantage of delivering your news, whether big or small, more in person when the opportunity arises than constantly relying on emails.  By direct contact with another, you will be using and honing in those communication skills further.   Your voice, gestures, and even facial expressions are great tools to help you in winning another person over in your dealings with others.

Just as important as communicating in person is listening to another.  Don’t let your eyes stray.  Pay attention to the person talking and tune into their feelings to make a connection and  rapport.  After all, they came to you to share something and you owe it to listen, if you expect the same courtesy.  Ask questions or make comments to show you truly heard them.  You will show yourself as great company.

Trust me, if you practice this advice, then you will be pleasantly surprised how much better life becomes with just little changes and a warm smile!



  1. Fiona
    June 9, 2011 / 9:40 pm

    Well said, Mary. I will try to do this.

  2. Anonymous
    June 10, 2011 / 11:36 pm

    Smiling always works for me!

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