Nature by Canus Hydrating Facial Scrub Review

Nature by Canus Hydrating Facial Scrub
Softer skin awaits!


Did you ever wonder why milk has been so popular throughout history for beautifying skin?  Maybe because the simple basics of pure natural ingredients often work the best when it comes to your complexion.  Let me introduce you to my latest new skin care discovery from Canus Goats Milk, with their new Nature by Canus Hydrating Facial Scrub.

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Nature by Canus goat
Nature by Canus goat

I loved the fact of how gentle a scrub this was when I applied it to my wet face.  There was not an overload of harsh granules in Nature by Canus Hydrating Facial Scrub to abuse my complexion like some other grainy scrubs, only just enough to exfoliate my skin with loving care.  When I finished working this scrub for about a minute and rinsed, I felt how much softer and better moisturized  my face felt without any tightness.

Perhaps, it is a combination of that nourishing  protein, vitamins and minerals from goat’s milk, the emollients of jojoba oils and castor beans besides the organic Acai powder for shedding the skin that makes this product exceptional.  I don’t know the science behind this formula.  All I do know is if you’re desperate for a kinder way to exfoliate without worry of any phosphates, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, gluten, SLS and colors effectively, then you need Nature by Canus Hydrating Facial Scrub.

Not surprising is the fact this scrub is nominated as one of the top contenders of 2011 in the 7th Natural Health Beauty Awards with how superior a product it is.  Vote and when you do, be entered to win $350 of the 24 winning natural beauty products!

You can purchase Canus Goats Milk online here.


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