The Organic Pharmacy Products Review


Healthier skin and hair care made easier


Are you after softer, younger looking skin and healthier hair but don’t know where to turn?  Then, I think I can shed some light with the skin care and hair care products sent from The Organic Pharmacy for this review.

The Organic Pharmacy provided two excellent choices of their products with their Antioxidant Face Cream and Hair Serum as a part of this review.  Their  luxurious anti-aging cream is one of their best sellers, which I can understand after using it for a while now with how baby soft it made my face without artificial preservatives, colors, fragrances, or petrolatum that can clog pores.  Their Antioxidant Face Cream is ultra rich with the fast absorption and a powerhouse of anti-aging vitamins, herbs and cosmeceuticals as it improves skin texture with Sicilian Lemon, Grapefruit, Oats, Ginseng and Horsetail even when I used it plain without the directed Antioxidant Serum and Antioxidant Gel.

The Organic Pharmacy also provided me with their Hair Serum for this review.  As directed, I used a few drops after I shampooed on my still damp hair and loved the results when I finished styling my hair from the super shininess to how silky it felt.  Jojoba, Rose Hip, Lavender, Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Arnica are a part of what transform hair from ordinary to extraordinary!

I honestly felt my skin and hair were pampered and improved with these two exceptional natural products from The Organic Pharmacy, a company that takes great pride in the health and well-being of the consumer as well!  I advise visiting their website if you care to be pampered too!


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