Samy Icing Hair Products Review


Samy Icing Hair Products
The Samy Icing hair line consists of Icing Shampoo, Moisturizer and Dry Icing Re-Styler.



When the opportunity arose to reviewseveral hair care products from Samy’s Icing hair products, I was eager to work on the project.  I was sent the Icing Continuous Spray Shampoo, the Icing Continuous Spray Moisturizer, and the Dry Icing Instant Re-Styler.

After watching the youtube video of how this product could re-style hair, I was more curious than ever how Samy Icing hair products would work on the average person’s hair like mine.

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I honestly was impressed with this technologically advanced Samy Icing hair products system.  The spill-proof Icing Shampoo and Icing Moisturizer that pumped out into your hand like a mousse and lathered and conditioned with plant cell botanicals of chamomile, yarrow and sage mix fresh from their unique two chamber dispensers, which separate them until needed for the best results.  Both were safe for color-treated hair and left mine manageable and shiny.

The most interesting product yet of the Samy Icing hair products was Dry Icing Instant Re-Styler.  You need to use this styling product on dry hair.  I put in on my hair that was free of styling products one day and the next I experimented with applying to my hair that had styling products to give it new life.

To work with the Dry Icing Instant Re-Styler, you only need a small dab in the palm of your hand.  In my case, I used about a dime size dab for my chin-length hair.  You need to wet your hand with that dab and then work it into your hair where you want to fluff if up and make it fuller or lift it.  I have some natural curl and when I used this product and scrunched where I had some layers it gave my hair more texture and built those curls up without any work.  Like I said, I used it one day with styling products and the other without and loved both days of how my hair turned out.

I did run across some reviews of people that didn’t care for this product.  However, I think the problem could have been they used too much or might not have followed the proper procedure of wetting this product first before applying.   I know even your most trusted favorite hair product can be judged the same way if you happen to use too much of it in one spot.   Another reason for their disappointment could have been too much styling products in the hair already before attempting to use the Dry Icing.

All I know is that it took two dime size dabs of Dry Icing Re-Styler and a bit a scrunching to get me out of the door looking fabulous like I worked a long time to get those curls.  Now you might need more than a dime size or less, depending on how much hair you have.  However, less is best until you find the perfect amount of your own.

Honestly though, I think Samy’s Icing hair products line is great, especially the Dry Icing Instant Re-Styler.  I know I am going to buy that product again in the future!




  1. sunflowercmg
    June 23, 2011 / 12:03 am

    I would like to try the re-styler, I like that it can be use on dry hair.

  2. BeautyToLove
    July 6, 2011 / 3:49 pm

    -I'm Subscribed to You via Emailaliaskys (at) yahoo . comThank You!! 🙂

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