The Condition of Your Nails Can Give Clues to Your Health

If you check your fingernails and toenails for any irregularities, it can be a key to a sick body. 

For example, a nail  that has become suddenly too thick and dull-looking could suggest a fungal infection.

Are ridges a problem?  Horizontal ridges could mean poor eating habits with inadequate nutrition.  Other ridges could signal a severe infection.

Thick, rough and yellowed nails could point to possible heart disease and diabetes.

A nail that needs careful watching is one with a widening black or brown streak running vertically.  This condition should be check by your doctor since it could indicate possible skin cancer.

Another thing to look out for is a single groove running the length of the nail.  This appearance could suggest a possible tumor at the base of that nail.

What I’m sharing with you are possible clues, not any diagnosis in regard to your health.  


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