How to Safely Whiten Your Teeth Cheaply at Home!

If you want to whiten your teeth safely and inexpensively at home, you definitely need to try this technique.   I promise you it works better than some of the commercial whiteners, which are expensive and sometimes make you gag. 

I discovered this accidently when I had to get the crown that I had so much trouble with and wrote about in the importance of getting a second opinion needed to come out.  The oral surgeon told me to gargle every six hours with one teaspoon of salt to a glass a water to help the healing process after that tooth was removed.  I did this treatment for several weeks until my appointment.  However, you will start to see an improvement with continued use much sooner than you realize.

I started to notice how bright my smile was becoming.   Honestly, I watched how my teeth went whiter much better than anything I tried previously in commercial form.

Even when I finished with that problem, I continued to gargle.  I like one teaspoon to a cup of water.  This is a bit stronger, but I do this at least once a day.  My regular dentist even noticed the beautiful difference and complimented me.


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