Interested in How to Bring Your Old Wood Furniture Back to Life?

To refinish antiques or if you want to restore your old wood furniture back to its former glory, I have an interesting formula you may like.  Use equal parts of linseed oil, white vinegar, and turpentine and rub into your furniture or wood with a soft cloth.  This technique requires a lot of rubbing but it is worth the effort.

Another neat trick I discovered in for covering up knicks and scratches if you have dark wood furniture.  All you do is to make a thick paste from instant coffee and a little water. 

Next, you rub this mixture only into the knicks and scratches with a soft cloth.  You will be nicely surprised once this settles into those blemishes because it does an excellent job of fixing those problems. 

However, this coffee paste is not recommended to use on light wood!


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