Try My DIY Restorative Mask for Dry Skin 

Try My DIY Restorative Mask for Dry Skin Honey Ingredient
Honey is one of the ingredients in the DIY Restorative Mask for its wonderful contribution of helping with moisture, being a humectant and all its antioxidants. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to keep skin healthy.


I have been whipping up one facial mask in my kitchen after the next experimenting to find the best homemade beauty treatments to share with you without spending a fortune for fancy ingredients.  As a result, I have found quite a few incredible masks for a variety of skin problems in the process that I will continue to pass along from time to time like now with this simple lubricating DIY Restorative Mask for dry skin.

This is another excellent facial mask to restore the moisture to dry skin that may surprise you in how effective it is.  It might be a bit messy to wear, but it does help your complexion regain moisture while it also gains that dewy glow once you finish.

DIY Restorative Mask Nourishes With Only Three Ingredients 

To make this DIY Restorative Mask for dry skin is quite simple.  All the supplies that you need are probably in your kitchen already.  Mix one tablespoon of honey, a few drops of olive oil, and one egg yolk together until it is thick enough to spread on your clean face.

Leave this mask on about ten minutes before rinsing off and then pat lightly to dry.

Follow with a rose water facial spray and your complexion will become softer and more luminescent.


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