Grow Your Own Herbs for Herbal Tea

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Every year I plant a garden, I find the wildlife in my neighborhood get more of my crops than our family.  Fortunately, the deer and ground hogs do not care for herbs for some strange reason.  In fact, I planted more herbs this year than last since I do not have an electric fence or fierce dog that can scare those beasts.

The herbs that I grew to make my herbal teas are lemon balm and a variety of mints.   I do grow sage, which some use for herbal teas, however, I never tried this in tea, only in cooking.

All you need is to clean your fresh herbs thoroughly first before putting on some water to boil.  Do not add these herbs directly to the pot.  I just pour boiling water over about one heaping teaspoon of the fresh herb.  However, you can use more or less of your herb to suit your taste.

Let this herb steep for about fifteen minutes in your cup that you cover with a saucer.  This amount of time is ideal for the flavor to properly bloom in your cup.

If you use dried herbs for your tea, then you used only one-fourth of the amount as you want with fresh.  Again, the amount you use will depend on your own tastebuds.

Another method for making tea with your herbs is to pour one pint of boiling water over approximately one ounce of the fresh leaves.  When making a brew this way, I let this mixture seep for about ten minutes.

Lemon balm is excellent to drink when suffering from colds.  I love growing mints for the different things they can help relieve as well.  Peppermint tea is a wonderful aid for when you feel nauseated or heat exhaustion.  Other varieties are spearmint grow abundantly in my garden and produces a nice flavor tea.

You also use an earthenware teapot.  I usually throw a handful of mint in before adding the boiling water and covering.  Again, let your tea seep for ten but preferably fifteen minutes.  You’ll love the beautiful fragrance that is released once this brew seeps.


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  1. herbal tea
    October 19, 2011 / 9:22 am

    I am done same thing that you have to say here. I grow herbs in my garden and used those herbs to made herbal tea. I like to drink herbal tea.

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