Reebok RealFlex Running Shoes Review


Reebok RealFlex Running Shoes
Reebok RealFlex Running Shoes 


One of my favorite pastimes is running.  Nothing seems to energize me more than a brisk jaunt at least twice a week to help revitalize your body and spirit besides controlling weight.  I was fortune to be able to review a pair of Reebok RealFlex Running Shoes that I would like to tell you my experience with.

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I chose the #J84869 RealFlex Run for Women in Black and found this shoe was an exact fit when it arrived.  The uppers are a suede-like material with a white stiff rubber-like, but still flexible sole.  These shoes were lightweight and extremely comfortable, almost feeling like a slipper, which would be perfect for anyone on their feet all day besides using them for running.

However, I couldn’t wait to test them out on a run.  Therefore, the next day when the weather permitted, I took my new RealFlex running shoefor a spin and felt exhilarated by the nice support this lightweight shoe provided on both concrete and the track.  This shoe was great for providing a cozy feel while working to a runner’s advantage due to the less cumbersome weight of some typical running shoes.

Another wonderful thing about this particular Reebok RealFlex running shoe is they were quite attractive as well.  Whether you plan a long shopping day at the mall, a nice comfy pair to wear to your classes or for running, I honestly think your feet would be happy in a pair without any worry of blisters or corns.   Do check the Reebok website for yourself if you’re looking for function and comfort.



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