Try This Tip for Better Results When Using Hair Styling Products!

For years, I have faithfully applied my styling products according to the back label on the product.  Sometimes, my hair turned out fabulous while other times it bumped up with curls in the wrong place and made you want to scream.  However, I recently discovered a fantastic little secret that made by hair products perform better than ever before–even the ones that were just “so-so” and still sitting on my vanity.

Here’s what I now do and really think you should try this.  Instead of applying that hair gel or mousse to the root, you should add your product further down (about two inches).  After it is placed, then take your comb and work that gel or mousse through that still damp hair to the ends so it does not settle in one place.  By moving the product lower, your hair will not spring up in the wrong spot. 

I have tested this new technique on quite a few products, even the ones I haven’t had the heart to pitch.  Guess what?  Avoiding putting the product on the root and down further along the hair makes a tremendous difference in product usability and gorgeous results. 

Honestly, you should experiment with this tip and see if it makes a difference in giving you better hair days too! 


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