Try My DIY Orange Lip Exfoliator to Beautify Lips

orange Pixabay imae for DIY Lip Exfoliator
This DIY Orange Lip Exfoliator is simple to do and has a pleasant taste.


I promised to share some fantastic homemade skin care recipes from time to time.  Recently, I discovered another fantastic one to get rid of peeling lips.  This easy recipe for a my DIY Orange Lip Exfoliator will make them smooth again in record time.

All you need are a few items that you probably have on hand anyway.  You’ll need olive oil, salt, sugar, and an orange for this quick fix.

Just take a few drops of olive oil, a pinch of salt, another pinch of sugar, and drop on a piece of sliced orange.  Next, you simply rub that doctored orange slice over your lips for two to three minutes in a gentle fashion to exfoliate your lips nicely!



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