How to Break the Clutter Cycle Forever

How to Break the Clutter Cycle Forever cluttered-desk
Clutter is exhausting and can take over your life unless you organize.


Who doesn’t have a junk drawer?  Others of us take it to the next level and turn closets, game rooms, attics, or garages into larger versions with things you keep just in case you might need it sometime.  However, sometimes spending a little more time downsizing your clutter can help you accumulate more money, reduce stress, and physical exhaustion.

Dear readers, you know I love stuff.  But how many times do we find ourselves wasting more time hunting for that one item than its worth?  We can get frustrated, tired searching and sometimes lose money because we missed a deadline for a bill, perhaps.  How about those coupons you know you have but can’t find for that store circular in your hand?  Then again, what about repurchasing a product like a small tool because you hid it in a safe place until you needed it again?

Look over your belongings and sort through your stuff gradually.  Make piles of “must keeps” that you need or love and can’t part with, “maybe keeps” the items like clothes you may look good in again if you lose ten pounds or the Christmas dinnerware that end up being used once a year, etc. The “get rid of” piles of items, such as the ugly Santa sweater your mother-in-law bought you five years ago  that only comes out of the box when she is around and others things you don’t like, you can save for your garage sale or pack to sell at your local flea market to convert from clutter to cash.

During the process, you may find hidden money.  Do check your books, magazines, jeans, pockets of jackets for money.

Gift cards are another thing you may find.  Gather, put a rubber band around them, and keep in a universal “gift card” wallet to pack when you intend to shop with them.  If those cards are in one place, you will have easy access and can use them before any expiration.

You won’t be able to clean clutter overnight.  However, if you tackle a room or a drawer at a time, then this chore will be easier.  Make a list and cross out what room will be reorganized that week and try to strive for that goal.  Be sure to label what gets stored in a box so you search.

Once you get desk or table cleared that had your mail or papers piled in stacks, then do yourself a favor and fill that empty space with a fruit bowl for that dining table or small photo for that desk, just something to use as a visual reminder of your decluttering success.

Trust me, your stress levels will improve and so will surroundings!


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