How to Simplify Your Dieting Effortlessly

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We all start out with the best intentions when beginning a diet.  However, we sometimes stray and lose our willpower when denying ourselves too much over a period of time.  Nonetheless, there is an easier way to remain focused when dieting and still lose weight without giving up everything you love to eat if you practice these few tricks.

A Successful Diet Begins at Breakfast

The best thing you can do is learn to eat breakfast.  Studies show those that eat breakfast tend to eat less calories and saturated fats throughout the rest of the day unlike the breakfast skipper whom loads up later on more fattening foods with sugars and saturated fats.  Even if you’re not hungry, you will be more able to resist impulsively eating more unhealthier and fattening food choices while keeping your energy up when you sit down for that  important morning meal to start your day.

Spices and Herbs Can Work Wonders When Dieting

Another super trick to help you eat less is discovering spices and herbs.  Cooking with spices properly can really turn a bland dish into a new flavorful experience, if you only use the right spices and herbs.  In fact, red pepper, chili peppers, or cayenne pepper or even chili powder sprinkled on dishes or used fresh in your recipes all have been proven to help you burn fat faster while suppressing your appetite!  This wonderful benefit is due to the Capsaicin those peppers contain.

Turmeric is another friend to the dieter.  This peppery flavor may help reduce inflammation in the body that can lead to weight problems and diabetes.

Adding More Fiber Helps Reduce Hunger and Regulate Blood Sugar

You won’t feel as hungry if you get more fiber in your diet.  The soluble fiber like grains, fruits, and vegetables helps stabilize your blood sugar while combating hunger.  Insoluble fiber like that found in legumes adds bulk to your gastrointestinal system so you feel full.

If you learn to cook with beans and lentils, you will feel lighter in your stomach, save on your grocery bill, help improve your cholesterol, simplify cooking, and definitely help you lose weight.  Eat bean meals at least twice a week and check your scale because the pounds will seem to melt away.

Getting Enough Protein When Dieting is Important for Real Results

Another helpful tip is getting enough protein since your body uses more calories to digest it than other foods.  It helps increase your body’s metabolism.  At the same time, protein keeps you satisfied to help save you from getting the munchies.  However, the proteins you should concentrate on are the beans, lentils, egg whites, fish, turkey, chicken (both skinless), soybeans, and all low-fat dairy.

Something else to think about is the volume of the food.  For instance, you can eat 1/4 cup of raisins for 130 calories or you can blow up those dried grapes with 1-1/2 cups of fresh for the same amount of calories.  Another example is if you crave potato chips.  You can eat 10 potato chips for about 150 calories or a fairly sizeable baked potato that will take you longer to finish.

Appreciate Each Bite of Food by Eating Slowly Helps in Dieting

The last idea I have to share is remembering to take those meals at the table and eat each bite slowly instead of polishing off your plate as if you’re in a race.  Chewing slowly will give you time to enjoy those foods more while tricking your mind into thinking you ate more than you did because it took you longer to finish.


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