Try Making DIY Rose Potpourri to Keep Summer Alive

Try Making DIY Rose Potpourri to Keep Summer Alive
You can make a variety of wonderful healthy scents from what you grow.


The beautiful flowers and plants will soon wither away with the cold weather.  However, I know a way for you to bring some of that summer fragrance into your home to enjoy the entire year.  You can make your own homemade potpourri like the one I have for you today with my DIY Rose Potpourri recipe!

Lavender is great for drying to also repel moths.  Add some lavender to this DIY rose potpourri mix for your sachet bags to hang in your closets is a healthier option than foul-smelling moth balls.

Another wonderful combination for this DIY rose potpourri is when you dry lilacs in the spring and save.  You can substitute the two cups of lavender with the same amount of lilac for a pleasant change of pace in this rose formula.

DIY Rose Potpourri

3 cups of rose petals
2 cups of lavender or lilac (dried from spring)
2 cups of marjoram
1 oz. of orris root


Gather your rose petals and herbs and dry them on a screen in a warm, dry place.  If you don’t have a screen, you can spread them out on a sheet of newspaper, which is another option and dry the same way.  The screen, however, is preferred because the air circulates better.

When the petals and herbs are dry, mix ingredients in a glass jar and cover with a lid.  Keep all the ingredients locked inside for a few weeks, stirring occasionally during that period.  This rest period is important so the mixture has a chance to bond together into a lovely fragrance.


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