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Neutrogena Cosmetics
Neutrogena makeup

When I had the opportunity to work with Neutrogena, I thought it would be interesting to review some of their products and compare them for you.  I was particularly interested in seeing which of their cosmetics worked the best on my face. Now you can benefit from what I learned!

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine. All links are “no-follow” links.**

For this Neutrogena cosmetics review, I tested their Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup, Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation, Skin Clearing Oil-Free Makeup, Skin Clearing Mineral Powder (all in Classic Ivory), and the Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation in (Natural Ivory).  The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder I worked with was in Light.

The Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup matched my skin tone quite nicely while giving my skin a beautiful fresh finish and flawless, but dewy look.  Furthermore, I loved what I saw in the mirror once I removed this makeup.  Believe it or not, my complexion looked better after starting this makeup and more so the longer I used this particular product like there was a treatment included.

The Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation was also impressive.  I really thought the coverage was great and lasted through the day.  The color in Classic Ivory was also right on for my light with yellow toned skin.  This is the perfect makeup you want to use if you’re pressed for time because with a few whips of your brush or using the applicator, you can finish.  This pressed version has another great advantage of being less messy to work with than the loose version.

I also experimented with the Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation in Natural Ivory to see how that fared up.  Color-wise this was just a tad darker on my face, but it looked just as pretty and evened out my coloring with a healthy glow thanks to this slight difference in shade.  In my opinion, the loose version gave more thorough coverage once your kabuki brush grabs hold of this silky powder than the pressed version.  You can use the smaller brush housed inside, but I prefer using the kabuki brush because it delivers better coverage.  If you don’t own a kabuki brush, another thing that works is taking a cotton ball to that powder and dabbing on, then brushing the excess away with the brush.

The Skin Clearing Oil-Free Makeup performed well in the sun without making my nose and chin shiny for an extended period of time.  This line has a blemish fighting power behind it as well.  I finished with patting on the Skin Clearing Mineral Powder using the convenient applicator. The only problem I experienced was the color in this line was slightly more orange than the Classic Ivory in the other products they make.  The product itself though gave my skin a beautiful matte finish.  You just have to find the right color for your skin in the best light possible.

I received a Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer in Fair as well among the products for this Neutrogena cosmetics review .  This came in handy when I developed a strange little pimple on my nose.  I refer to this unwelcome thing as the interview zit, which always seems to proceed my job interviews.  Why I am so fortunate I will never know.  Nonetheless, this concealer hid that disgusting zit with just the right shade and coverage while healing it with their patented MicroClear formula with salicylic acid to banish skin problems while unclogging pores at the same time.  Within two days, I had a clear nose again–alas, no job interview pending.

Neutrogena Cosmetics skin-clearning makeup line products
These are Neutrogena Skin-Clearing makeup products.


Next, I tried the Healthy Skin Pressed Powder in Light.  I liked the sheer and silky texture of this powder.  This compact comes with its own applicator and is wonderful for setting your makeup and packing in your handbag.  I found I didn’t have to reapply as often when using this pressed powder like other pressed powders I have had in the past.

Neutrogena also kindly sent me 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes in Fair among the products for this Neutrogena cosmetics review.  This is an awesome product for dark circles and slight morning puffiness you sometimes wake up with.  I liked the rich consistency with added SPF 20 protection that hid those problems without creasing into any fine lines.  This concealer was easy to blend and really did do an excellent job on my raccoon like eyes that I sometimes wake up with.

One of my favorite Neutrogena cosmetics reviewed was their Healthy Skin Custom Glow Bronzer in Sunset Glow (below picture on the left).  Anyone that has fair to light skin knows the problem with choosing the proper bronzer because you can land up being too brown or too orange.  However, this bronzer is exceptional because it’s unlike any typical bronzer with several graduated shades that you can adjust to give a lustrous sheen.  The color I chose in Sunset Glow is more like a cross behind a bronzer and a blush because this bronzer color has pink-peach tones to subdue the usual brown ones.  If you were afraid of bronzers because of that muddy look, you honestly should give this one a try because it will really give your skin a healthy, natural glow that is so lovely.

Neutrogena Cosmetics bronzer and blush
These are wonderful for a natural glow.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Custom Glow Blush & Bronzer was another product I wanted to investigate for this Neutrogena cosmetics review.  I know a lot of you are complaining about why the change from strictly blush to include bronzer now.  The color I chose, (Raisin Glow), a stunning natural rosy-brown with the  accompanying bronzer had the same degree of color, only with more of a peachy-brown look.  This would be your best bet for the closest bronzer duo that could double as a blush.  This bronzer color was very workable and will save you money buying a separate neutral color of blush when wearing makeup shades of browns and reds.

Nonetheless, if you don’t care for bronzer then you should try this trick.  I found that sweeping your brush over the entire compact will give you a beautiful rosy shade, only slightly darker.  Before you finish, I like to dust the raisin color only on my upper cheekbones, highlighting them.

Another product I put to the test for the Neutrogena cosmetics review was their Nourishing Eye Quad in Moonlit Violet.  This set delivered a really pretty smoky eye with shades of violet, black, pink, and silver with directions where to apply each.  I also didn’t crease up after a short time or need to use any eye shadow base when wearing these shadows.

Last of all, I was sent their MoistureShine Gloss in Refreshing Rose for this Neutrogena cosmetics review.  If you are searching for the perfect neutral pinkish-brown that would look ideal on everyone, then this shade is it!  This gloss was a shimmering wash of gorgeous moisturizing color that was non-sticky and lasting.  In fact, this product was one of the best glosses that I tried and would love to see more of their breathtaking shades.

Neutrogena Cosmetics eye makeup assortment and lip gloss
Here are some ideal eye makeup and beautiful lip gloss products.


If you’re looking for some fantastic new products and never tried Neutrogena, I definitely recommend looking into this line.  Hopefully, my Neutrogena cosmetics review helped show the difference between these products so they suit your needs for the best ones for YOU!


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  1. Lilly Dornier
    September 10, 2011 / 4:16 pm

    Thanks for the amazing review. I already bought the Sunset Glow Bronzer and Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup on your recommendation. I wish you would have reviewed the REVITALIZING LIP BALM.

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