Why You Should Include Potatoes in Your Diet

Why You Should Includes Potatoes In Your Diet
Potatoes are so underrated.


Potatoes usually get a bad rap when it comes to diet.  However, they have plenty of health benefits and are loaded with calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C, B-1, B-2, folic acid, B-6, and niacin besides being low in sodium, high in potassium and providing adequate levels of iron and magnesium–all minerals.

Raw Health Benefits of Potatoes May Surprise You

Something you may not know is that eating raw potatoes help relieve constipation.  Slice thin to eat in your salads is one way to help regulate your system.  Cooking on the other hand, kills the enzyme in the potato responsible for this constipation benefit.

Another interesting thing to keep in mind about the importance of potatoes concerns anticancer properties.  Raw potatoes have high concentrations of protease inhibitors, which can vanquish certain viruses and carcinogens.  Again, cooking takes away that helpful benefit as well.

Weight Loss Is Another of the Health Benefits of Potatoes When Cooked Without Extras

In addition, potatoes are easily digested and filling.  The truth is the potato itself is not that fattening.  On the contrary,  the extras such as butter, margarine, sour cream, and rich gravies can transform an innocent medium size potato of approximately 90 calories to one of several hundred.

To reduce some calories of mashed potatoes, you can try adding some low-fat cottage cheese that you processed in the blender or food processor as a wonderful substitute for sour cream.

Another way to lower calorie content is to mash those potatoes adding some chicken broth (hopefully homemade that you had a chance to skim the fat off your soup when cooled in the refrigerator first) instead of butter and milk.

What else you can try is some plain yogurt flavored with chives, parsley, or other fresh herbs instead of butter or margarine on your baked or mashed potatoes.

If you love French Fries, you can still eat them with my low-cal oven fries.  This recipe has just three tablespoons of healthy olive oil to coat four to six potatoes.  Trust me, this is a tasty alternative to artery-clogging real ones while being good for your heart and your figure.


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