Are You Interested in Making Your Sweaters Look New Again?

Perhaps, you noticed your sweaters from last year are now looking less than perfect.  If they have some fuzziness from those little bumps, you can fix the piling problem easily enough with a few simple tools and about five minutes of work.

Lay your sweater on a flat hard surface like your kitchen table and gently shave off the fuzzy bumps with a single-bladed disposable razor.  Using light pressure follow the fuzzy path with your razor until the area is clean and smooth again.

Brush away the fuzzy remains with your hand and finish or treat another section if needed.

Another method that also works is using a fresh piece of fine grain sandpaper to lightly brush away the fuzz. 

Either method will make your sweaters look practically new again.  All you need is a little patience and a razor or a bit of fine sandpaper!


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