Are You Ready for Halloween?

Are You Ready for Halloween? Halloween Costumes
You don’t need to spend a lot of money to be creative when it comes to Halloween costumes.


Halloween is only a few weeks away.  Now is the time to think of costumes for your children.  You can save a bundle if you get creative and make one yourself.

I remember when my mother turned me into a rabbit one year complete with tall standing ears.  I was in the third grade. She fashioned a white outfit with bright pink rabbits that went over my coat so that I would stay cozy and easy to spot.   For the ears, she built a frame for each ear with aluminum foil, wrapped more of the matching rabbit costume material around each side, and turned it into a rabbit helmet that tied at my neck.

I was always big for my age.  Now imagine running across a rabbit-girl with ears at least a foot tall on Halloween who must have looked like Harvey!  In fact, I won a prize that year in the school’s Halloween parade.

My mother put a lot of love and effort in sewing that special outfit for me and it always brings back fond memories of the year of the rabbit.

Sewing your own costumes can be thrifty in more ways than one. I even got double duty out of that rabbit suit later as pajamas.

Whether you make or buy your child’s costume, be sure to get something bright so he or she will stand out in the dark to avoid being hit by cars.

Another important thing to remember is how cold it can get in the fall so pick up costumes that are big enough to fit over coats.

Make sure you pick up a flashlight and batteries for trick-or-treating night.  Equally important is to supply your child with a material tote bag to carry candy.  Paper bags can break and cause  chaos and candy littering everywhere when they do.

I prefer taking the children out and delegating candy detail to the hubby. This is great exercise for working off all the homemade popcorn balls and way easier than that constant up and down with the doorbell.

A pancho is not a bad thing to have with you.  If it drizzles, you can always throw one on your child at the last minute.

Whatever you do, just have fun for Halloween and do stay safe with your child.


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