Try My DIY Firming Mask Recipe

Try My DIY Firming Mask Milk Ingredient
Some of the most beneficial skin care ingredients can be as close as your kitchen.


I love experimenting with facial products to improve my complexion.  As you all know, sometimes the best ones do not necessarily have to be expensive or come prepacked like the following recipe I want to share with you.  This DIY Firming Mask manages to somewhat firm, lift and leave the skin with a luminous glow.

This homemade mask will surprise you at how beautiful your face will look if you’re starting to show any signs of aging. The antioxidant selenium in addition to the protein and vitamins of these two ingredients is what contributes for that gentle lift and the restoration of a healthy radiance to your skin.

I suggest whipping up a batch and try using it at least twice a week.  To really see the difference, you need to follow this regime for a few months.  Afterwards, you will love what you see when you look at your reflection because it will glow more.


DIY Firming Mask


1 tablespoon of baker’s yeast
2 tablespoons of milk

Combine the two ingredients together and stir until creamy and custard like in consistency.

Clean your face and apply a thin layer.  Let the mask.

Follow with a second thin layer and apply more to your problem areas that need help with firming the most like cheeks, foreheads and chins.  However, keep this mixture away from your eye area.

Leave the second coat on your face to dry for about twenty more minutes.

When your time is up, rinse your face off with warm water and pat dry.

Like I mentioned, you won’t see dramatic results unless you continue with this routine for twice a week treatment for at least several months.  This does help, but you must be patient!


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