How to Get Kids to Put Toys Away

How to Get Kids to Put Their Toys Away Scattered Toys
This is an easy trick that will teach your kids to be more responsible.


How many times do you constantly remind your young children to put their toys back where they belong?  Regretfully, those requests can often fall on little deaf ears.  Nonetheless, there is a  helpful way to deal with that frustrating problem of how to get your kids to put toys away.

The next time trucks, dolls, and monsters alike are scattered throughout the house, you can start by issuing a warning that any left around will go into a special box.  You might call it the NO PLAY WITH TILL WEEKEND box where the toys will remain until Saturday rolls around.

Of course, children will want to test your resolve on the matter.  You could give them an initial pass the first time it happens before seizing the toys in question.  However, the second time your children leave those toys about, then it is time to take action.

You must remain firm when you gather up those neglected toys and not allow your children access to them until the weekend as they were told.  Do not allow their complaints to weaken your reserve or no improvement to the situation will be made.

When they complain and want back a specific seized toy, then explain calmly why they cannot have it until Saturday.  Instead, you should hand them another toy, book, or get them to help you with a small chore to keep them occupied.

You will be amazed at how quickly those same children will remember to pick up their toys the next time they play with them!


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