Liz Zorn’s Acousticjus Parfums Review


Acousticjus Flamenco Perfume
Flamenco Stellar Oil Perfume


The idea behind the Acousticjus collection was fun and whimsical scents when Liz Zorn, multi-talented artisan perfumer, originally created those six alcohol-free stellar oil perfumes.  The line was first available in early 2010, but underwent a make over with new packaging and relaunched this fall of 2011 with two new perfumes and in larger sizes as well.

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Piquant is a spicy floral gourmand with vanilla and sultry gardenias.  Shameless is a fruity gourmand tempting so sweetly.  Dominion is a rush of orange flowers, lavender, and vetiver to your senses.  I-C-U gives a sensual feeling of leather, woods, moss, tobacco and forbidden pleasure.   Circa 1969 is retro with earthy vanilla patchouli.  Last, is the one I loved most, Flamenco.

Flamenco starts out delicately sweet, softly romantic with red roses like a shy lover’s gentle caress.   But beneath the surface, this perfume slowly smolders with untold promises from spicy carnations and teases with tempting tart raspberries, till consumed with passion by sexy amber and musk!  As Liz Zorn intended this is not your grandmother’s heavy spicy perfume but a sassy version for the modern woman.

The relaunching of Acousticjus also added two new perfumes.  Pussyfoot is a soft  romantic floral  with lilacs, honeysuckle, and hyacinth.  Bellemia will make you as tempting as the ripe peaches, grapefruit, jasmine, vanilla and musk it contains.

According to Zorn, these scents are “mixed media” fragrances and contain both natural and man-made ingredients.

A Discovery Set with all eight parfums in sample vials (each 0.75ml)  is available for $36. This is a great way to test drive these fabulous scents to figure out which is your favorite for yourself or for gift giving of the full size 8 ml bottle that sells for $42.

Additional products for the holidays include Stellar Creme Parfums, Stellar Lippity Gloss, Stellar Beanie Body Butter, and Stellar Satin Mist.

I am convinced that once you get a whiff of these haunting, long lasting Acousticjus perfumes, then you want one, two, or all eight  like I do for yourself or to pick out for those on your Christmas shopping list.



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  1. Jennifer Haile
    November 9, 2011 / 9:34 am

    I'd like to smell Circa 1969. Those three scents sound perfect together

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