Are You Confused to Use Heat or Ice When Injured?

Are You Confused to Use Heat or Ice When Injured? Ice Cubes


How many times have you accidentally injured yourself? You could have tripped, fell and bruised yourself in the process. If you are confused about heat or ice when injured, then just remember this little tip that can help you determine the best method to relieve the pain.

Ice relieves the swelling and inflammation of a sudden traumatic injury to one part of the body.  The reason ice is so effective when used immediately after being acutely injured is because the cold helps slow blood flow to lessen swelling and combat pain.

Heat, on the other hand, relaxes the muscles and helps for better blood flow. For instance, if you twisted your ankle, the first thing you should do is apply some cold like a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a cloth or an ice pack.  Keep this cold on the sore spot for about twenty minutes every few hours to help bring down the swelling.

However, if you overdo the housework or gardening and find yourself sore the next day, then heat will work better to relax those stiff muscles.  A moist electric heating pad that draws water from the air is amazing for this type of problem.

Hopefully, what I shared will help the next time you are confused to use heat or ice when injured.  Furthermore, you also might want to read the essentials of a well-stocked first aid kit to keep on hand just to be safe and better prepared.



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