How to Simplify Meal Preparation and Save Time!

Sometimes, the hardest part of cooking is all the assembly work.  I hate digging through boxes and bags, measuring, and then sticking them away every single time, which can be tedious. 

However, I have found a fantastic time saving way to measure the rice, elbow macaroni or the like for those recipes.  This is much more convenient and what I do now.

The next time you empty a 15-16 oz. peanut butter jar, wash it and save this for rice or macaroni.  Each jar of that size will contain about two cups of dry.  So when you need to whip up a casserole, all you have to do is grabbing your filled jar and use it.  This is a far easier way when preparing a recipe. 

If you usually need one cup of rice in your recipe, you just use half of the jar.  The same principle goes if you normally need four cups of rice or macaroni.  All you do is pull out two jars.

In fact, I buy my rice in a 25-pound bag.  I fill up as many of those peanut butter jars with rice as I have available.  The rice I keep in large canisters or even those five-quart plastic ice-cream buckets are great for this purpose.

I do hope you’ll try this helpful recyling tip because I’m nuts about it! 


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