Try Banana for a Cheap Natural Silver Polish

Banana for a Cheap Natural Silver Polish
Bananas are delicious, nutritious and provide additional solutions from polishing some light tarnish off of silver to whitening teeth among other uses.


If you want to clean some silver without spending money on silver polish, then I have a great tip that you should try.  In fact, you might even have this natural polish in your home as I type this. What is this miracle cleaner?  Believe it or not, the juice from banana skins does work to remove tarnish.

Cut off the hard ends of your banana peel and throw the soft pulpy part in your food processor to make natural puree type silver polish.

When you don’t feel like taking out your food processor, then I also like to rub that inside of the banana peel on the tarnished piece and watch how it performs its magic.

I know this banana peel trick sounds crazy, but it will surprise you at how well it cleans silver!

Think of it this way, you also will be saving money and your lungs from inhaling those awful fumes from some of the commercial silver polishes, and later adding to your compost heap for better soil.

Now you can understand why I’m nuts about this banana trick to polish silver–and I hope you will be too!


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  1. Tasha W
    November 2, 2011 / 8:35 am

    Very interesting! Banana skin juice? I have never heard of this. But am definitely looking for a cheaper way to shine up silver items I have. I'm gonna give this a try. Thanks for the idea;)

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