Boo Bamboo Hair Products Review


Boo Bamboo hair products assortment
Boo Bamboo hair products assortment

You’ll never need to have another bad hair day again once I tell you about the Boo Bamboo hair care products.  I recently was sent the five products in their line for this review and know you’ll be interested in my latest discoveries.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Rich in minerals, organic proteins and their special secret weapon of bamboo extract with silica, Boo Bamboo products worked exceptionally well to transform my hair.  This all natural organic line has no sulphates, is safe for color-treated hair besides being paraben and DEA free for supreme gentleness and helped strengthen and bring back beautiful gloss and vitality to what was dull, lifeless hair.

The Boo Bamboo Strengthening Shampoo lathered nicely with pleasant almost like a fruity type of smell in this moisturizing and strengthening formula.

I followed with the Boo Bamboo Strengthen & Shine Conditioner.  This was great and just a little untangled  my hair and rinsed out well.

Since I wanted to see how my hair reacted to those two products without trying the more intensive Boo Bamboo Conditioning Treatment, I started drying my hair with my blow dryer to partially dry before reaching for their Boo Bamboo Frizz Control Curl Defining Gel.

I worked some of the gel into my hair as usual, about an inch from the root and finished.  I found that I had wonderful control without any sticky feel to my gorgeous shiny hair.

I was curious what their Boo Bamboo Hair Strengthening Seal & Shine Serum would do to top that result so I added that step the next day to my routine and gave my head a shot of that spray to my dampened hair.  This serum really boosted the gloss even further.

Later that week, I included the Boo Bamboo Revitalizing Conditioning Treatment to my hair care ritual.  This time my hair felt softer and healthier overall  when rubbed together with my fingers without the crunching sound it is prone to.  My hair already had lots of shine, but I felt with all the light bouncing off of it, my head gleamed with mirror-like radiance from this deep conditioner.

I really do think the Boo Bamboo products did an amazing job on improving the look and texture of my hair with their wonderful ingredients.  If your hair could use some help, I definitely recommend visiting their website and checking this hair care line out because you too could discover more beautiful hair awaits you like I did!



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