Do You Want an Easy Way to Polish Chrome?

Chrome on Furniture


This is really a handy little trick to try to spruce up chrome to polish it.  I believe you will be pleased at the effective way it works to clean chrome, but you also will appreciate that it is a thrifty way to do the job as well.

You don’t need very much to polish chrome. All you need to do is get a small piece of aluminum foil. Turn the shiniest side out.  Now dampen the chrome with water and rub with the foil to polish.

You will soon notice, as you start to polish the chrome with your tin foil, the area will turn black.  This is normal.  But once you’re done, your chrome will regain a shine, almost like new!

Instead of water, you could also substitute some cola beverage to the section for something that needs more drastic attention.  However, I advise to wear your rubber gloves because you could develop a rash if you are sensitive and prone to allergies. Then proceed to polish with foil in the same fashion.

Another wonderful way that I use aluminum foil for cleaning is in the bathroom. Did you know that it can be just what you need to tackle a soap scum buildup on showerheads? Read my earlier post on because it can make that cleaning chore so much easier.


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  1. Tasha W
    December 7, 2011 / 12:06 pm

    Thanks for the great tip:)

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