Carpet Remants: Creative Uses for Repurposing Them That May Surprise You

Carpet Remnants
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – webandi

If you got new carpet, you probably got some extra carpet remnants around once the job was done.  Instead of just tossing them, let me show you some great ways to recycle what you have left that can come in handy for your home, children to the benefit of your pets.

A carpet remnant wrapped around a post makes a nice scratching pole for your cat, especially if you sprinkle some catnip before you attach the carpet.  However, you may not have a kitty at your house, but I have other suggestions.

Another idea is to keep a small piece by the front door to wipe feet on before hitting your living area.  This will keep that new carpet cleaner as a first line of defense.

Scraps of carpet are also wonderful to line dollhouses.  Your daughter will be thrilled showing off her new rug like mommy’s to her friends.

Elementary art school teachers often depend on makeshift items such as carpet remnants, wallpaper scraps, cardboard tubes and rolls, and other such items to encourage creativity without expense in their classrooms.  You would be surprised at the beautiful projects that can result from helping developing minds materialize ideas.  The next visit to your child’s school, you could always drop some off to the art department, which would greatly be appreciated.

Still, I have one more interesting idea you should try for a pair of work boots.  This may sound odd, but it will keep your feet toasty when outdoors for a prolonged period of time.  Trace the outline of your feet on a piece of paper and cut out a pattern.  Now cut out the carpet using your pattern to insert in your winter boots.  These homemade insoles made carpet remnants are thicker than the conventional type and will really help keep you extra warm.


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